US Electronic Code of Federal Regulations Reading Aid

What Is The E-CFR?

The Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (E-CFR) is the online version of the United State’s Code of Federal Regulations. The government’s E-CFR is updated each government business day with changes to the federal codes. The code is maintained by the National Archives and Records Administration’s Office of the Federal Register (OFR). It contains 50 sections (“Titles”) that broadly define the actions of the US government.

This website and the E-CFR are reading aids that make the Federal Register easy to access, searchable, and make changes easy to identify. This website should not be viewed as the official Federal Register and can’t be used as a substitute or the basis of legal opinion or proceedings.

This site is a reading aid with no association with the US government. The source of this data is FDsys and the OFR/GPO but do not attempt to form legal conclusions based on this site, E-CFR search results, extractions, aids, metadata associations, or similar trunctations of the official record.